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Daiko Ceramic Coating

• Japan's Strongest Car Coating Solution

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CAR CRYSTAL COATING DAIKO, INC. was established in July 2013 in the heart of Manila. The company specializes in exterior and interior detailing works. Its products and materials are perfectly honed with Japanese technology.

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What is Daiko Ceramic Coating?

Experience the pinnacle of automotive care with Daiko Ceramic Coating, a revolutionary solution for ultimate paint protection. This cutting-edge coating forms a permanent shield that bonds tightly to your vehicle's paint, providing unparalleled defense against scratches, UV rays, corrosion, and heat. Its exceptional strength, boasting a "9H" rating on the Pencil Scratch Hardness Test, ensures long-lasting durability.

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Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Our Products & Services

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DAIKO Coating's SDGs Initiatives

The Luzon Lamesa Dam in the Philippines is experiencing a period of severe water shortage.
We are facing challenges such as climate change.

DAIKO keeps your car clean with ceramic coating and glossy wash, and reduces the number of car washes by about half.

DAIKO's mission is to conserve the Philippine's scarce resources and create a brighter future for a clean Philippines.

DAIKO will continue to work tirelessly to achieve the goals of the SDGs.

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